Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A couple of key TransRockies web sites to watch...

Hey gang - it's getting closer... a week Friday and we're off!

While we're going to endeavour to keep the blog updated as much as possible... let's be honest here: not sure if there's going to be a Starbucks with Wi-Fi access everywhere. We're doing this race in the middle of BC - not Unionville to Oakville. So, if there's a couple of days where there's no posting going on, don't fret.

The TransRockies web site, however, should be updating their Race Report daily (http://www.transrockies.com/trc/race/index.htm) with results, a few pics and a stage review and preview. As well, the 'About' page (http://www.transrockies.com/trc/about/index.htm) has a ton of event info... such as where the stages start and stop, how this event works, and if you're super-curious, what we'll be eating.

Another thing: We've linked up with Roger of Spectrum Imaging (http://www.specimage.com/) and will be carrying a video camera for him. We'll see what we can do about posting some short video clips on the web site.

We'll also be posting the route as a screen grab from Google Earth, as well as the elevation graph... I've done one here as a 'test' from this past Saturday (a road bike ride... in the rain... and more rain...) just to see how it looks, etc. I'd love to post it in more detail... but I can't post files. So, you'll just have to deal with this (unless I or someone else figures out how to do it differently).




Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaayyyy Ted! Don't forget about us in Canmore on your way back to Calgary. We would love to celebrate your successful finishe with you!!!

Robyn and Lo-Lo

Pamela said...

Ted & Blaine,

Dax and I just wanted to wish you all the best! Stay safe, and keep hydrated! Our thoughts will be with you!

Good Luck, and have an amazing time!

Pam & Dax