Sunday, August 3, 2008

5 days until we arrive!

We are 5 days away from starting this incredible adventure! The entire team, Blaine, Ted, Laura, Mark and I will meet in Calgary Friday afternoon. This will be the first time the 5 of us are together and the first time Mark and I meet Ted! Talk about faith! Did I mention 10 days in a mini motor home? I am sure we will know each other "intimately" by end of the race.

Our floor plan:

The weather forecast is incredible, warm sunny days and cool nights. For Mark and I coming up from Phoenix this will be such a welcome escape from the summer in Arizona.

We anticipate blogging daily from the race, so please check back when you can, and post your encouragement for Blaine and Ted!

Cheers, Andrea


Anonymous said...

You will know each other "intimately", damn I never knew mountain bike races could be so kinky!

Good luck with the race, all of you!

Jonny 'Bravo' Golli
Your #1 Race Fan

Anonymous said...

i wish i were going with you guys this trip will be a gong show for sure... good luck guys and be safe Blainsey we need ya for the 24 hr race