Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breathe Magazine provides us with 'live tracking' capability...

So, in addition to all of the great comedy that we'll hopefully be able to post on our blog about our adventures at the TransRockies, the fine folks over at Breathe Magazine have provided us with a way for you to find out exactly where we are. Breathe Mag has provided us with a live tracker GPS unit, so you'll be able to see where we are. Well, most of the time. We'll turn it on when we're on course, and for a short while after we finish. Because, let's face it... do you really need to know where we are ALL of the time?
A big thanks to the folks at Breathe Mag for this - hopefully, it should be a lot of fun!

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Chris Gilmor said...

Hi Ted,

Wishing you and your friends a fantastic Adventure out west. Ride safe! Enjoy the view! And most of all... enjoy the close company that you will be sharing!

Seriously, Enjoy!

Chris, Kathryn and Ethan