Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 2- K2 Ranch to Nipika Elevation

The boys are making great progress, be sure to check in on them at It's incredible to watch them move along as their Spot device sends signals back every 10-20 minutes. There have been occasional periods where we don't receive signals for a hour at a time, Mother Nature is in charge as usual. You can change the zoom levels on the map and change from terrain or satellite views. The have crossed the highway and are beginning to climb the ski hill at Fairmont Springs.

Here is what they are up against today:

And what does the support crew doing while the boys are climbing ski hills, traversing beautiful mountain tops and taking in unspoiled, rarely seen rugged vistas? We are currently about 15th in line at the Pump and Dump station. No explanation needed, it is exactly what
the name implies.


Anonymous said...

Good job guys, did Transrockies last year, it feels daunting now, like "can we really do this for seven days?", but you will start to get into a groove. It only gets better with each day, not worse, day 4 was a good one, the proverbial hump day, and from there you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Ride smart and have fun, don't forget to occasionally look around at the beautiful terrain you are surrounded by!

Anonymous said...

Hey Blaine, we're following your progress. Good job!!! We took the article and put it up in the lunchroom.WAY TO GO!!!
All the best, your friends at Bruker... Christina, Susanne, James, Susan and Janice.

Anonymous said...

Let's see...dump station, biking your butt off....hard decision!
Keep trucking Blaine and Ted. We are all watching closely.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Just accessed the blog for the first time. This provides real meaning and scope to the undertaking. As always, I'm proud of you son. I am sure you and Blaine will do well. I'll keep watching.
Ted's Dad.

Anonymous said...

Go team go! Makes my quads ache just following along.

- Ed, (Ted's colleague in Oregon)

Fayla said...

Hi Ted.... Bruce & I are watching your progress. We just looked at the satellite map.... omg... those are some big hills!! Keep on trucking.... we're cheering for you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Blaine and Ted... Sounds like you guys are doing just great. Keep your spirits high and enjoy the beautiful scenery along your challenging adventure. Remember a cold BC micro-brew will do wonders for your recovery!

Cheers from,
Erick, Maggie and Becker

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys - OMG ! Wow I am humbled, will be checking in on you every day and we are very proud of you - keep smiling and have fun ! Our thoughts are with you - Karin & Tom

K-Mac said...

You guy's are freakin nuts!!! But you allready knew that...... It is an amazing thing the two of you are doing and I am proud to be a friend of yours!! The blog is excellent and I check it every day, you two are doing awsome! These are memories for life! Keep the rubber down and rollin.... K-Mac, Sherry & Megan

Anonymous said...

Hope day 2 goes great Ted (and Blaine too). As long as it doesn't snow on you, no worries. Oh, and no bears either.

Back here in Ontario we had monsoons on Saturday but Monday was a day without rain - a rarity.

Cheers Frances

Anonymous said...

Wishing you guys the best. Hats off to you both. Wish I could track your progess but I going to Germany. I will have to read up on your adventure when I get back.