Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ted's turn at the posting wheel

Today we pulled into Elkhorn, BC - the first sign of real civilization that the racers have seen in awhile. The TransRockies camp is basically at the community centre - the tent city is on the baseball diamond, the race office and main camp are in the parking lot, and the RV park is on the soccer field. That said, it is obvious that the whole community is behind this: volunteers are everywhere closing roads, guiding us in and cheering us on like we're celebrities, and waiting for us at the finish line with home made lemonade and muffins made by women so sweet they could be your own Grandma - you just couldn't say no.
Today's course was tough - but nowhere near day one or day two. That said, it is clearly obvious that the field is thinning. As well, we are passing more people than are passing us - our strategy of 'slow and steady' is clearly paying off... one way or another.

Thanks for all of the comments - keep 'em coming! Only a couple of days left... woo-hoo!!


Kmac said...

Grannies with muffins......hmmmmmm do you think we could open a franchise? Keep up the good work we are all cheering for the two of you, we know you can do it!!

Laura you better keep an eye on Blaine, make sure he isn't trying to pick up any of those sweet Grannies!! lol

Anonymous said...

Your mother and I are in Pittsburgh. We have been following the results every day. After the initial realization of the difficulty and scope of this event, we have remained confident that you and Blaine would successfully complete the event. The "SPOT" device is really compelling. It illustrates terrain and times. Really neat.
Glad to hear that you survived the accident and are fine.
Good luck and be safe!!
Mom and Dad McLeod

Sherry said...

WOW!! you guys are amazing!! We new you both could do it and take very memorable moments and cherish them forever. Now 2 days of riding left no problem.
WAY TO GO GUYS !! Glad to hear you are both ok. KEEP SPINNING and cheering you both on.
Way to go support team, enjoy the ride.
Barson and Brioschi Family