Thursday, August 7, 2008

One more day!

Well its only one short day until we head off to the airport to start this amazing journey! Thanks a lot to Al Gauthier, our friend on the south side of the border for helping us with our insane list of bike spares that we need, and for getting a hold of Fed Ex last night and getting a rush for our equipment, its 10:40 right now, still don't have it but the tracking says its on the truck for delivery, talk about cutting it close!
Final bike clean and pack up tonight to get it all together, met with Sean from Axis gear last night and picked up our jerseys, all I can say is that they look Sweet! Thanks Sean, you really did an awesome job, as usual on these!
Roger and I from Spectrum imagine got together and went over the camera, everything seems in order with that and we have lots of tapes, should be some good footage coming back from this, and don't worry, there is also a mic so random conversations will be recorded, and if you know Ted and I, they should be unique!
So, am I ready? seems to be a common question I've been asked over the last few weeks. Cant really answer that as we have never done this race before, I have now cut 32 lbs. from training and diet, feel stronger and faster than ever on the bike, so ya, I think I am ready, I'm sure I will have moments in the days to come where I think otherwise, but when it comes down to it, I guess we need to just keep turning the pedals!
Well lots to do today, not enough time to do it, so I guess I should get at it.

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Anonymous said...

Weather is beauty out here guys! Summer is finally here. Bring your sunscreen! Might be road riding tomorrow night so I will come by the Tunnel campground and yell for Ted & the crew if I don't hear from you first!!! So stoked for you guys. The adventure of a lifetime is almost here!

Robyn in Canmore, AB