Saturday, August 9, 2008

Stage 1, big day tomorrow

Well we just got back from the big meeting where they talk about safety and the rules and what to expect. We talked about stage 1, which we are doing in the morning, starting at 11am. Stage 1 is at Panorama ski resort, and I swear the course goes straight up the ski hill, 12 km climb right at the start! Talk about intimidating, its long, windy and steep, its going to break alot of people mentally I think. Climb starting at 1100 meters above sea level and climbing to 2300 m, all in about 12km, then after another 15km of rather level ground, we start a downhill of almost 20km, cant wait for that one! Well, tonight is going to be an easy night, lots of food, and lots of rest, fill you in when we get in, our plan at this point since we don't have all the red blood cells and need to adjust to the altitude change is to just take tomorrow easy and let our selves warm up and adjust. Big day tomorrow so that's it for now.

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