Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day 4- Nipika to Whiteswan Lake

Today the race takes Blaine and Ted from Nipika to Whiteswan Lake. The route today is 109.7 km with a 2,500 m climb. Once again grueling, but we can do it! The cut off for today's leg is 10 hours.

For the support crew, today is the most challenging day that we have as well. We have a 3 hour drive from Nipika to Whiteswan Lake. Our goal is to have camp set up with enough time for us to meet Blaine and Ted at the finish line. Add in a trip to the laundromat, the grocery store and the Pump and Dump station, and you can understand why we might be tight on time. Today is the first morning that we did not witness the start of the race. We felt that it was in everyone's best interest for us to leave as soon as possible, beating the RV convoy out of Nipika and we were one of the first ones at the facilities. After a round a high fives (after a thorough hand washing), we hit up Tim Hortons, a gift shop and a grocery store and are now en route to Whiteswan Lake. We'll stop at the laundromat it we see one.

We have been warned that today's final few kilometres into Whiteswan Lake can be very dangerous. What they are calling "high exposure" areas are actually one lane roads without guard rails along cliffs. We have total confidence in Mark's mad RV skills!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mark drive safe you crazy american take it easy on the support team lol