Saturday, August 9, 2008

Small Introduction to the Team

Well here we are sitting in Tunnel Mountain this morning, just finished up breakfast and the team is just about ready to get on the road. The view here first thing in the morning was spectacular, the camp ground is literally in a small valley of a huge mountain range, morning mist hovering off some of the faces. Well as Ted is doing dishes, and I watch, we realized that some of the people out there following us on this journey, might not know who everyone is or how we all know each other, so here it is, sort of.

Both Ted and I met each other through Canadian Ski Patrol, strange enough at a summer event that Ted was working for Chico racing, at the time, a O-cup Down Hill race, well I think that was the last downhill that Chico did and I can remember thinking that these guys have totally lost their minds!
I continued to help out at mountain bike races with Chico racing where ted held they glorious volunteer position of head of safety, so we got to deal with each other alot. Now after 6 years, Ted and I have done zone ski races representing Horseshoe valley ski Patrol, competed in 3, 24 Hours of Tremblant ski races in Montreal, a 8 hour relay race (took third!!!) and have both recently started to get into kite boarding, or skiing, what ever you want to call it, its fun but scares the crap out of both of us!
Andrea Meury, (aka Andrea Betzold) as you can probably guess, is my sister, yep, known her all my life, when she wasn't telling on me or blaming things on me, she supported me and cheered me on, so, here she is again, this time on a bit of a larger scale!
Mark Meury, if you haven't also figured this one out, is married to my sister, I think for about 9 years now, wow time flies! Mark has always been one of those guys that will try anything at least once (part of the reason we invited him! ah cozy little RV!) and has supported me along side with Andrea since him becoming part of the family.
Laura Millar, well, that's my girl, we met in high school where I was in grade 10 and she was grade 9, we were friends all though high school but moved apart when we both headed off to college. We found each other again about 1 1/2 years ago and I guess you can say we get along better now than ever, she has been to several of my races in the last year, 24 hours of Hot August nights, the squeezer and dealing with my never ending rides.
Ted and Laura have met a few times in the past, Rock games and at the 24 hour Chico races, but it wasn't until late yesterday that Ted, Andrea and Mark met for the first time. Just think, 10 days in a small RV with basically strangers, it that isn't a test of your nerves I don't know what is.


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