Friday, August 8, 2008

Safe and Sound in Calgary

We have all arrived safe and sound in Calgary. All luggage and bikes arrived without incident. In case Ted left you hanging all day, The Bag weighed 70 pounds exactly at the airport, but after some rearranging he managed to get it down to 52 pounds.

Blaine and I in our team jerseys! Blaine thought it would psych out some of the other racers arriving at the airport.

The weather is beautiful. We did a quick trip to Walmart and we are the road up to Banff. Laura horrified us all by reading our horoscopes. In a nutshell:

Blaine (Leo)- "....anger erupts as irritation breaks loose..."

Andrea (Taurus)- "...traveling leading to the disclosure of a secret...", "...a beast of burden refuses to go on..."

Ted (Cancer)- "... questionable tactics will strain communications..." ,"... a scheming man wants you to give in..."

Mark (Gemini)- "...keys and commands will baffle you... be suspicious of unfamiliar packaging..." Keep in mind Mark is our driver!

Laura (Sagittarius)- "... love will find an older woman..."

Our chariot...

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Anonymous said...

Happy to hear everyone (and everything) arrived safely
Have a great, exciting trip and be safe. Will be thinking of you. Blaine and Ted- best of wishes on your adventure. Tyson says WOOF