Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 6- Finish at Blairmore

The boys are back and finished within the time limit. Today was a tough one, not very many smiles coming across the finish line. The route was over 100 km long and took them through an area that was somehow littered with nails. Ted ended up with a flat, and ran the last kilometre and a half. You'll see in this picture Blaine riding his bike, towing Ted's, and Ted running behind them.

They completed this leg in about 9 hours and 30 minutes. One day to go!!!!


Anonymous said...

I for one will be sad to read the last postings about your fabulous experiences. It has been great fun to read about the day and see the pictures (poor Ted!). Thank you for the connection.
Best wishes from home on your last day- be safe. Tyson says WOOF to momma and WOOF WOOF to Blaine and Ted

Sherry said...

Go Ted and Blain Go!! Awsome dedication and team work. Only 1 more day!! It's truly been a great experience watching you both and your support team. Thanks for the connection and to the support team they both could not have done it without you 3. CONGRATS TO ALL.
One more day YEEE HAAA!! Have a great ride PUSH IT!!

Brioschi and Barson Family

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Blaine have a good last day . Hey Ted that cut on your chin looks nasty dude.Thanks for the entertainment over the last week its been awesome following your adventure .Will this be a annual event or a one time deal ??

Anonymous said...

Tyson forgot some WOOFs- WOOF to Andrea and Mark too!
Have a great last day everyone- this is sure to be a memorable day for all of you. Thinking of you, mo