Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We're alive, the guys are doing awesome

Sorry to leave you hanging, we have been without any access internet, or cellular! The guys are doing incredible! More to follow in a few minutes!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank god everything is alright i was freaking out . Awesome work guys you 2 are absolute animals . Thats bloody insane racing for 9 hrs you 2 are hammer heads . keep on rocking team breathe

Anonymous said...

Hi Blaine & Ted: WOW!!! you guys are amazing. Yes Thank God everything is ok with you 2 and your support team. You are half way there "GO TEAM LIFEBRIDGE CANADA"!! 82nd after stage 3 AMAZING!!! Enjoy the ride guys, KEEP SPINNING, and PUSH IT!!! We are all cheering for you both.
ENJOY THE RIDE and stay safe.
Barson and Brioschi Families.