Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 4- Finish at Whiteswan Lake

Today was another first—blood. Nothing major, just ugly. Ted pulled in tonight with a facial cut and some leg scrapes that looked bad off the trail, but cleaned up okay.
After finishing at Whiteswan Lake

Our boys pulled in today at 8 hours and 15 minutes. INCREDIBLE!! They have now moved into 81st place! Many teams have dropped out of the race at this point, in fact my mom picked up her RV yesterday and an English team was dropping theirs off, declaring this competition and all of its participants insane and heading home a week early. Insane? We take no offense; we know this isn’t for everyone!
We survived our treacherous drive into Whiteswan Lake, in reality the drive was much easier than they made it out to be.

Ted’s addition to the blog for Wednesday

Yep… I had a little bit of a boo-boo today. We were about 30km from the finish, screaming down a logging road. Blaine was in the middle of the road; I was off to the right of him, on the other side of a huge rut. I tried to jump across it when my cleat released from the pedal, and decided to test the hardness of the road surface. Nothing broken or anything; but I did get a couple of nasty gashes on my knees. No worries – I’m still clicking!
The rest of the event has been awesome. The big thing with being ‘in the back’ of the pack is that all of us feel pretty much the same way: we want to finish; but we’re not killing ourselves. Therefore, we’re having fun.
Have to run off for dinner – thanks for all of your comments; we’re reading them when we can! Cheers!

The moon after dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys, you're doing great.glad to know the injuries aren't serious. only a couple more days.
we at Bruker are tracking your progress on the spot website... it is so cool. well keep having fun and heres hoping you finish at the top. from everyone at Bruker, good luck and happy trails!!
Christina, Susanne, Susan, Janice , Shirley and all the guys!