Saturday, August 9, 2008

Track us live tomorrow!

Hey there - now it's Ted's turn to write. We're just using Andrea's and Mark's computer, I love Andrea's super sweet pink mouse.

Anyway, to the point: Breathe Magazine has been kind enough to loan us their Spot Satellite Tracker. You'll be able to 'live track' us online during the race at If you were to go there now, for example, you would see right now where we are camping in our RV tonight... in a test of the system. Thanks Breathe Mag!!

Anyway, I need to do one more thing to my bike, get a couple of other things in check, and then hit the rack. We're all feeling a little tired. We had a late night last night in Tunnel Mountain and an early start this morning.... plus the fact that the thing I've been training for the past 13 months starts tomorrow.

Should be fun!!


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